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StackPoint Cloud


StackPointCloud Federation Wizard


Project Description:

StackPoint Cloud allows users to easily build up and manage virtual servers. As a freelance UX designer, I was brought on board to design a user flow that allowed users to federate their servers, as well as manage their federations once they were created.




Freelance Designer

tools used:

InVision, Sketch, Google Materials


REsearch And WirefRames

To begin the project, I was provided with a list of user needs that the StackPoint team wanted the final designs to fulfill. In order to get a better understanding of these needs and how they might affect the hierarchy of information presented in the final designs, I wrote each user need on a post it and split these up into different possible groupings. I used this as a jumping off point to research further into any technical vocabulary that I was unfamiliar with, so that I was fully educated on what the users might need, how these needs fit together, and if there was anything not included in the list that might present as a need later on in the design process. 

After determining what needed to be present on each portion of the user flow, a first pass at wireframes was created and discussed with the designer at StackPoint. From here, further discussions lead to any adjustments that needed to be made before work began on high-fidelity screen designs.


Step By Step

A progressive design was used to lead users through the process of federating a cluster of servers. This sort of funnel helped to determine what sort of information needed to be displayed at each step, as the selections in step one then informed what would be shown in steps two and three. 

Displaying the information this way helped to eliminate clutter on the page, simplifying the process and making it more approachable.

Because earlier decisions inform what's shown in each step, the panel that appears on the left in steps 2 and 3 reviews the information they already selected, and gives them a chance to change it. 


Federation dashboard

After a user has created their first federation, they needed to have a simple way to view, modify, and monitor it. To facilitate this, I designed a Federation dashboard that instantly allows users to see important information related to their federation, such as: the domain host, the clusters included, and the state of the federation.


Detailed View

From there, they can click through and get a more detailed view of an individual federation. In that panel, they can adjust deployment loads or add deployments to the federation.