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KERF Case 


Project Description:

KERF Case is a small business located in Pittsburgh, PA that offers a full line of 100% wood iPhone cases with friction fit technology to easily attach and remove the product. I was commissioned to design a set of gift cards, a handout with instructions on how to use install and remove the case, and a set of labels that could be used to educate potential buyers about the type of wood their cases are made of. The designs were used at a local fair to promote Kerf Cases.




Freelance Visual Designer


Adobe Creative Suite


Visual Identity

I created a system of visuals to communicate information quickly and easily in a physical space. These cards were meant to stand near and live with the wooden phone cases that were being sold, so I wanted to choose light colors to contrast the dark richness of the wood, and a bold font to stand up to the visual heaviness and blockiness of the materials. The actual shape of the card was cut with rounded corners to match the shape of the phone cases and create visual repetitiveness and unity.


educational cards: wood qualities

The wood identification cards and gift cards were designed to communicate written information quickly and easily from a distance, and I wanted the instruction card to communicate its message just as easily from a distance as customers walked past the booth.



iNstructional illustrations

One of Kerf Case’s signature characteristics are their friction fit, a cork-like interior that allows the case to slide onto the phone easily and stay securely on while also allowing for users to remove it easily when desired. This easy-on, easy-off gesture was show in a set of four simple illustrations.