User Experience + Product Designer

CraftStudio App


Martha Stewart Craft Studio


Project Description:

Made in partnership with Martha Stewart, this iPad app allows users to create cards and collages of their own images, digital stamps and stickers, papers, paper cut-outs, etc. I assisted the art director in exploring different approaches to the interface and to the UI of tools for the next update, created sample cards for advertising and tutorial purposes, and developed the assets in the fall and winter themed bundle updates. 

Made With:



UX Design Intern


Adobe Creative Suite

Final Result:

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Making for Makers

Under the direction of Katie (Mangano) Denton, multiple iterations were drawn up to decide how best to lead our users through the basic design choices they would have to make early on in their creations. This decision would inform later screens, and had to match both the visual language of our app and of the Martha Stewart brand. Although the font pairings and icons were already decided, the flexible layout made for many options. These were then discussed, and the option the Art Director felt was clearest was then implemented. 


Increasing User options

A key aspect of this app was the in-app store, which allowed users to buy 'bundles' of stickers, papers, punches and digital glitter. In my role as a Design Intern, I often helped to build the 'cards' used to advertise these bundles within the app. This involved creating compositions using the assets included within the bundle, as well as laying out copy to clearly communicate with our users what was included in their potential purchase.


Growing a library

In addition to assets given to us by the Martha Stewart company, the designers at Happy worked to supplement with new assets made just for the app. Working in the summer for the upcoming seasons, I designed stickers, paper cutouts and patterned papers that visually matched the assets we had but filled in some possible gaps in user needs.